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A Georgian pursuit

It began with my usual Maiden & Foster weekly viewing. This usually happens on a Monday, part of the new week although Douglas has said he prefers Thursday. (The auction occurs on a Wednesday.) Thursday is the official day for … Continue reading

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When pretty and useless collide

  This week I should not have been bidding at the local antique sale. However I was slightly out of sorts, having missed even placing a bid on a painting I’d had been researching and generally keeping an eye on … Continue reading

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In praise of Candle Power

A good friend of mine, married to a professional fireman, lives without candlelight. Indeed she lives in a house from which all forms of naked flame are exiled. Her husband has, somewhat sadly, seen too much melancholy evidence of what … Continue reading

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taking care of tapa cloth

Tapa cloth has always played a big role in New Zealand decorating due to its ready availability. Go back thirty years and there was barely a student flat in which someone didn’t have a large tapa (or at least a … Continue reading

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The Balloon-back chair (1830-1850)

No other piece of furniture has had quite the same fall from grace among collectors as has the balloon back dining chair. Once the most highly sought after piece of colonial furniture – a set of ballon-backs, however pert, not … Continue reading

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Shine on Hester Bateman

Because I’m lucky enough to have birthday and Christmas close but not so close that the presents are combined, I have recently been on the receiving end of a few small silvery items gifted by thoughtful friends. Together they tell … Continue reading

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Interesting things with lamps

When I first moved into this house I really only occupied one room – now the Studio – which was then somewhat exposed to the street. This more so once we took out the aluminum joinery and put in enormous … Continue reading

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