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Going Gock on David Hicks

A stylish friend with a small potentially chic apartment in Wellington is in the market for window coverings. She was advised that curtains needed to be floor to ceiling and of a plain neutral colour. This is both good and … Continue reading

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Delicious Gloom

After talking about giving a room a summer look a while back, a very knowledgeable friend told me (ex-blog-communicus) that no room had a summer look if it still had carpets on the floor. I stand corrected. The idea is … Continue reading

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Original Surfaces (2)

I don’t want to leave the impression that dealing with original surfaces is entirely simple. Often old surfaces are fragile and sometimes, attractive as they are, they’re in entirely the wrong place. The Studio walls were a gift but they … Continue reading

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I ran out into the garden last night before it got dark and took these ‘snaps’ (to use a nice old fashioned term). Gardens are so hard to photograph in full sunlight. They bleach out and look flat. They lose … Continue reading

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Original Surfaces (1)

There is a vogue (fashion, compulsion, illness) amongst New Zealanders renovating old villas and bungalows that leads them to buy them ‘because they love old houses,’ and then to relentlessly remove all trace of old or original surfaces from the … Continue reading

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A Summer Look

One of the things I like to do each year is to change the interiors we live in. This happens best in summer. The weather is warmer, lighter – behaviour becomes more casual. So this summer we changed the look … Continue reading

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The Romanovs and Me

One of my favorite places in Napier, where we live, is the local auction house – Maidens & Foster. It is, I suppose, a lot like the country auction houses that still survive in Britain – deliverers of treasure into … Continue reading

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