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Dahlias – an Impressionist view

I was never a great fan of the dahlia. Breeders have bred them in strange day-glow colours and given them embarrassing names – like Princess of Hearts, Bottom’s Up and Kiss Me Quick – and thus ruined them. To add … Continue reading

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Original Surfaces (3)

Is glass a surface? Glass has a surface but I suppose it’s more a material? No matter – I just wanted to add in an appreciation of old glass when seen as part of the decorative scheme. When we first … Continue reading

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Feeling up the furniture

I mentioned ‘leg love’ a while back. I have this passionate, almost uncontrollable fixation on the legs of tables and chairs. (I realise this sounds rather weird and even kooky.) I find unusual leg shapes utterly fascinating. I basically bought … Continue reading

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Ring out dem curtains

Regular readers of this blog might think that we are obsessed with curtains. It is true that while Peter has been opening up the eastern side of the house to sunlight (Summer Look) by removing curtains and filtering light to … Continue reading

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What a dump

These were the immortal words that Bette Davis spat out in her 1949 film – Beyond the Forest and that Liz Taylor later incanted as the opening lines of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf. It was pretty much what was running through … Continue reading

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