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Courtyard Envy

Last weekend we ventured into the hills behind Napier. This is a zone that during all the time we’ve lived here we’ve never explored. We were lured by an open home – more than that – an open stately home of … Continue reading

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Pressed between pages

                    1. This tea set, a lovely lively little early nineteenth century production, decorated with grape vines and fruit, came to us from our favourite source, Maidens & Foster, the local … Continue reading

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How to make one room from two.

In wooden frame houses the blending of two rooms into one should be a very simple process. Why then do so many get it so wrong? Often when visiting a house, a proud owner will explain that ‘these used to … Continue reading

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Decor Extremus goes to the tip

When I was a kid the tip, the dump, was a source of never-ending wonder. Since I am such an ancient, I should make it clear I am speaking of the 1950s and especially the 1960s. By this time everyone … Continue reading

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