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Out dammed spot

Can you imagine living in a world where certain decorative items purchased for the home – came with a large sticker announcing – this person has TASTE and MONEY? From the 1950s until some time in the 1970s New Zealand … Continue reading

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Revisiting paint effects, theatrical and otherwise.

I recently acquired a suite of three elliptical Italianate landscape paintings. They were purchased primarily for their frames, which I mistakenly thought were circular – one of the perils of online purchasing but that is, as they say, another story. … Continue reading

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In praise of Candle Power

A good friend of mine, married to a professional fireman, lives without candlelight. Indeed she lives in a house from which all forms of naked flame are exiled. Her husband has, somewhat sadly, seen too much melancholy evidence of what … Continue reading

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The great silver rush of May 2013

Recently we spotted a little silver tray – three legs and in good solid plate with a little copper showing through – but otherwise unmarked. It was lot 2 in the local sale so it didn’t take long to acquire. … Continue reading

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only walking through

Sometimes I worry that we don’t use the big studio room in our house enough. It was, in fact, the reason we bought this house – against all reason. Well, Douglas says I forced him to buy this house. And … Continue reading

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Third lustreous time around

I’ve been fascinated by recent television programmes around antiques on which dealers say of an item ‘they used to get hundreds of pounds, but now you can expect to get about thirty.’ I think of copper bed warming pans and … Continue reading

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Grandmother’s couch

Sometime ago Douglas and I began to think we probably needed a couch in our bedroom. We wanted to read in more comfort than we could sitting on a chair and wanted something on which you could also slump, in … Continue reading

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